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Toyota Tacoma 2WD 1995-1996 GTS Smoke Headlight Covers

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GT Styling lighting covers are brilliantly engineered to fit your lights like a glove. Whether you are looking for cover for your headlight, tail light, fog light or any other light around your vehicle, GTS should be your first choice. Made in the USA each cover has a unique design that will add to the total image of your ride. Each cover come ready to install out of the box. No cutting, drilling or trimming needed just install them with the included tape and you are on your way.

GT Styling (GTS) has vents, guards, deflectors, and covers for your car, truck, van, or SUV to change the airflow and style for you. You can cover your headlights or taillights to change the look or just keep the car stock just to protect your expensive lights from driving damage from rocks and other driving debris. Preventing the driving debris from the hood can be achieved with a bug guard which is a common and easy install. When your car, truck, van, or SUV gets too much air in your face you can use the Wind Deflectors to keep the air out of your face. The aerowing keeps the back window cleaner by directing air around the window which leaves less dust and debris build up on the back window. All the Wind Deflectors are easy to install and are aerodynamic. Using the Wind Deflector and other GTS products gives you protection and helps with the control of wind for you.

Headlight Covers, Fender Covers, Aerowing Deflectors and Kisan Tailblazers needs can be met by GT Styling, a leading manufacturer of automotive aftermarket styling accessories. With more than 4,000 applications, GT Styling offers the perfect fit no matter what you drive.

Application Summary:

  • 1995-1996 Toyota Tacoma 2WD
  • Color/Finish: Smoke


  • This product is intended for show and off-road use only. Never drive on public streets or highways with headlight or tail light covers on your vehicle
  • Lighting covers may not be car wash safe.

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